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Salvation (2014)

When a traumatic event happens in young Adams life he loses his faith in hope and mankind. As he goes through life the people around him begin to leave him, can he believe once again to make the world as it should be?... Luke Rich, Carly Tarett, Ollie Booth...

Lonely (2012)

Six people deal with a deep loneliness in weird and wonderful ways.... Chris Cuellar, Michelle Faye, Elizabeth Frodsham...

Exsanguination (2011)

One dark room. Two bound strangers. And, a whole lot of blood.... Mark T. Lee, Shane Land, Greg Vestal...

Four Letter Words (2000)

A study of the post-adolescent male psyche, Four Letter Words gives an often humorous but raw unadulterated look at the views, attitudes, and language of young men in Suburban America.... David Ari, Henry Beylin, Fred Berman...

The Tony Blair Witch Project (2000)

Told in Documentary form, the film depicts a group of five British film critics and politicians who...... Tim Jahn, C. Alan Ploegsma, Dominic Fantazzi...

Neelambari (2010)

Neelambari is a 2010 Malayalam film directed by Harinarayanan, starring Vineeth, Anoop Menon. and Bhama.... Harisree Asokan, Kalasala Babu, Ponnamma Babu...

New Delhi (1956)

Complications, impersonations and moral dilemmas arise when a Punjabi pretends to be a Tamil in order to obtain accommodation in New Delhi...... Kishore Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Jabeen Jalil...

King Solomon's Treasure (1979)

King Solomon's Treasure is a 1979 British-Canadian low-budget film based on the novel King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard. It stars John Colicos as...

Wolfen (1981)

Wolfen is a 1981 American crime horror film directed by Michael Wadleigh and starring Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Gregory Hines and Edward James Olmos....

Honoring a Father's Dream: Sons of Lwala (2011)

Honoring a Father's Dream: Sons of Lwala is a 2011 documentary film. Directed by Barry Simmons and produced by Mitchell Galin, David Kiern, and Barry...
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