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666: Devilish Charm (2014)

When a cursed devil's charm' bracelet shows up at a sorority house on Valentine's Day, each girl tries to make a series of wishes, and each finds that unintended consequences are the primary purpose of Satan's sinister strategy.... Courtney B Turk, Ryan Walker, Jason-Shane Scott...

Liars, Fires and Bears (2012)

Eve, A 9-year-old hardened by time as a neglected foster child, is accustomed to taking life seriously...... Megli Micek, Lundon Boyd, Luke Jones...

Kovil (2003)

T.R. Silambarasan, Sonia Agarwal, Vadivelu...

Meatcleaver Massacre (1977)

Christopher Lee, Larry Justin, J. Arthur Craig...

The Detail (1997)

After seeing the hostage rescue efforts of private detective/security man Beck, a wealthy horse farmer...... Scott Winterton, Paige Lubawy, Elizabeth Kidd...

Hysteria (1997)

The inmates of an insane asylum are subjected to experiments using collective consciousness and surgically...... Patrick McGoohan, Amanda Plummer, Michael Maloney...

Kalavathi (1951)

Kalavathi is a 1951 Indian Tamil film directed by L. S. Ramachandran and written by Sundara Vathiyar and Chidambaram Natarajan. The film stars T. S....

Motel Hell (1980)

Motel Hell is a 1980 horror comedy film directed by Kevin Connor and starring Rory Calhoun as farmer, butcher, and meat entrepreneur Vincent Smith. It is...
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